A time keeping app for keeping track of different tasks. Local storage is used to save the past state.

Favicon Contrast Checker

A tool I created to assess the contrast of favicons. Very useful if your favicon has a transparent background.

Morse Code Generator

A fun little project inspired by the Oppenheimer movie. Write text and have it translated to Morse Code. With variable speed control, word and letter spacing.

Typing Test

A typing test I created after I fell in love with Type Racer. Recently discovered that it breaks on windows :( Need to fix

Invoice PDF

Create and save invoices as a PDF. Clients can be loaded and saved to local storage for easy access in the future.

Scattered Images

Perhaps a photographer wanting to display their images? This is an interactive way of showcasing a set of images.

Blurry Background Cursor

A fun little project that would suit a modern landing page. The core is a burred rotating blob in the background that follows your mouse.

Text Swipe on Hover Card

A classy and out of the way hover animation for information cards. Simple yet delightful to use.